Planning The Best Steroid Cycles

The best steroid cycles depend on several factors including the fitness goal. A person planning to use such steroids must know how much steroids the body can tolerate. It can be a problem if the required steroids are not available. A steroid cycle should be developed using the steroids that can be sourced easily as and when needed. Before determining the right steroid cycle, it is important to decide if taking steroids is the right step. Only a person who has already been in a solid fitness regimen for the last three years should choose this option. Such a person has achieved competitive level gains but now it is difficult to achieve more with just exercises and diet. The person must also have good health and no cardiovascular problem. The ratio of body fat should be very low and the diet should be healthy.

A person who fulfills all these requirements can start planning the best steroid cycle. A steroid cycle simply refers to the duration of time when the steroids are used. When the steroid is taken, it is termed on-cycle and when it is not being taken then it is called off-cycle phase. During the on-cycle phase, the user may decide to take only one steroid or stack multiple steroids. The steroid may be stacked with other non-steroidal products like thyroid hormones and peptide hormones.

Steroids cycles are categorized in four different categories. There are bulking, cutting, lean bulking and weight loss categories. The bulking cycle lasts about 4-6 weeks. As the name suggests, it is designed to increase the size of the muscle. During the initial stage of a steroid cycle, it becomes clear if the steroid is reacting favorably to the body and the results are as desired. A beginner needs to keep watch on any signs and symptoms that indicate side effects. After completing a few successful cycles, the person is ready to go for the cutting cycle. Gains made in the bulking cycle can be retained only if this cycle is followed by a cutting cycle. During the cutting phase, the goal is to reduce fat and achieve definition in the muscle. While the muscle is gained during the bulking cycle, it gets ripped and defined in the cutting cycle.

All users of steroids are not planning to compete in the bodybuilding events. Some people use these drugs to improve their athletic performance. They want to achieve speed, stamina and agility. It helps them improve their performance in the fields of athletics and sports where fast activity plays an important role in winning the game. Lean bulking cycle leads to gain of efficient muscles that help achieve speed and stamina. Experienced users can opt for weight loss cycles. These cycles last about 16-20 weeks and help reduce weight.

A beginner is advised to start the best steroid cycle with the testosterone anabolic steroid. This synthetic compound helps in the growth of muscles. A beginner who has passed 2-3 testosterone steroid cycle can move to another anabolic steroid cycle. Some of the best steroid stacks are made using Anadrol, Winstrol and Dianabol. These fast acting formulas are used to enhance performance, increase strength and build muscle mass. This best steroid stack is also useful in preventing joint injuries. The user can expect quicker healing from injuries. It is important to remember that a steroid on its own cannot do the magic. The user also needs to take healthy and nutritious diet. Effective exercises play an important role in the effectiveness of the best steroid cycles.