HGH Pills Online: Unbiased Review Based On Personal Experience

Many people claim that the HGH supplement diet works wonders that they have not experienced from other products. This includes losing as much as 3 kilos in a week. Many find this unbelievable because lots of diet pills claim such results, but often fail aspirants. There are debates going around whether these testimonials are true or just overblown to gain sales. To know the real story behind these reviews, I have tried HGH pills myself and took note of the results.

Where to Buy HGH

You can buy HGH supplements in many forms. They come in pills, drops, pellets and even in vials for intravenous administration. Before I purchased the product, I looked up different forums and researched thoroughly what this is about. It seems that many people are unaware that HGH naturally occurs in the body, so it’s something that we shouldn’t totally dismiss when it comes to weight loss. Some use this to fix hormonal imbalance and fertility issues in women. I looked for HGH online and found many sellers offering this supplement in many forms, like those mentioned above. I prefer to buy online because I don’t like going to shops and seeing raised eyebrows when they hear me wanting to use it to lose weight. It’s not easy for people to understand that not everyone can engage themselves in strenuous workout.

Starting the Program

My busy work schedule and stress-induced asthma are two factors that pushed me to start this experiment soon. I tracked my body weight from day one and read the instructions how to use it. I have a few mistakes upon trying it, but I believe they were just very minor mistakes, so they did not affect the results badly. During my first two days, I had to gorge a lot and record my weight. No changes were found. I had the same weight as I did during day one. Come day three, I had to follow the 500-calorie daily meal plan which I thought was difficult at first. I was challenged because I work near restaurants and have people around me who constantly eat unhealthy junk food that I love to eat, too. I was surprised because I noticed how HGH somehow suppresses my appetite, so I had enough courage to say no whenever I see foods I like. I am not frustrated because I know I can eat normally again once I finish my 28-day program. – HGH UK shop

Menstrual Period

I had to stop taking my pills during my period. I expected not to lose weight during this time because I haven’t been taking the supplement. Don’t stress yourself trying to find the best HGH that you can use during your period because all kinds of HGH for sale cannot be taken during such phase. You need to let your body finish its natural course and resume to your normal HGH routine afterwards. One challenge that you have to face though, is maintaining the 500-calorie meal per day. I have fought my hunger pangs during such time by drinking lots of water and making carrot sticks that I can easily munch on whenever I feel hungry. I didn’t want to waste my effort by feasting on food during that time.

End Results

I lost a total of 6 kilos when I ended the program. This isn’t bad at all because I remember working out on a daily basis for 3 months and it didn’t give me results close to this since I always feel hungry after. I am surprised that many people haven’t been using HGH pills to solve their weight loss issues. This definitely worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to shed extra pounds.